Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Massage? Vietnam girls, very beautiful, young......


After what has happened yesterday, today is the day to rest. And I did. Woke up at 9 and took thebreakfast, then go back to sleep ☺. Then managed to write some blogs and uploaded some photos. was having some problem with photos.

In the afternoon, around 1 o’clock, I went out to take some breakfast and tried the Cafeteria recommended in the Lonely Planet and ordered the Bun Bo Huè, specialities of Hue. It’s a beef noodle soup with hue style. It was terrible and not good at all. Then I thought that couldn’t be. Local specialities usually are good. So I walked, walked and stopped in a small noodle stall with “Bun Bo Hue” written on its front glass.
It was very delicious. The noodle is the white round one (not like Pho in Hanoi), and it’s very soft (at first I thought it was overcooked), with pieces of beef, big chunk of pork, and some kind of otak-otak (which is very very good), in a the broth. They also served one small plate of veggies, beansprouts, lettuce, and mint leaves (which always gave me a sensation of brushing your teeth after each chewing).
I was really satisfied. Unfortunately it was so good that I only remembered to take the picture of it after I have finished………

Heading back to the hotel I decided to rent a bike. 10.000 Dong. It was a pleasant ride around the city, especially because you’re not hassled by the cyclo drivers. Well, OK, they’re just trying to make their living, but anyway….
Suddenly I then headed to the citadel. Hmm, might be just a good idea. Then I rode and rode. In Vietnam it’s a right side drive, so of course I had problems at first, always riding at the left side hahahha.. Anyway, had to be very careful in redlights as people tend to just go, and for me, extra careful, as I always looked at the left side while I should’ve looked at the right side or vice versa…

Arriving in the citadel, paid the 55.000 Dong entrance tickets (it’s free for the Vietnamese). The citadel is actually a palace complex surrounded a high wall. I think it was constructed modeled on the Forbidden City in China. It should’ve been grandeur, if only the American had not had bombed the major part of it during the Vietnam War ☺.

Anyway, I didn’t spend too much time here and headed back. It was the time around 5 pm and school children were just going out. One of the most beautiful thing to see in Vietnam is their girl student, with white traditional Vietnamese uniform on their bike. So elegant.

At the hotel, I asked the hotel staff if they could recommend the best place to eat their Bun Bo Hue. OK, got it and I walked there. Then happened one of the thing I hated the most. Cyclos coming one after another, all asking the same question: Where are you from? How old are you? Then it’s going the “are you married?” and arriving to “want massage?? Vietnamese girl, very young, very beautiful, long hair”… Pleasee…..

But then, what’s with all this question about married?? How old are you? Are you married? No? Why? The question asked even by hotel’s bell boy, receptionist, up to noodle seller.
Never mind ☺ it’s their culture to have everyone got married.

Tomorrow will have the bus to Hoi An. Packed, and slept……


Astrid said...

hahahaha.. Yung.. it's time for you to get married when strangers on the street start wanting to give you a massage heieihehihiee

It's been a very long and interesting trip.. remember to write down all the hotels and places to eat while you're there.. I might borrow your travelnotes and use it as my guide.

Hiung said...

Gila loe trid
hahahhaha gak ada hubungannya massage ama merrit hehehhe..
di jkt namanya massage plus plus, di sini namanya massage bom bom

Anonymous said...

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